Guardare la vicenda Sarri-Mancini come se fosse una campagna elettorale Usa

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Non volevo proprio scriverne, a dire il vero. Ma visto che non si parla d’altro, e sono incapace di resistere alle distrazioni, analizziamo la vicenda del momento come se fosse una campagna per  le primarie democratiche americane. Un gioco buono per la pausa pranzo, nulla più. Inspirato, a dire il vero, da una metafora molto interessante di Dino Amenduni​.


#Lovewins quando aboliremo le carceri

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Come si fa a non festeggiare la decisione della Corte Suprema? Certo, il matrimonio è un’istituzione borghese e sopravvalutata; i diritti vengono quasi sempre estesi quando non mettono in discussione lo status quo (per questo, ad esempio, l’aborto è sempre più ostacolato, e la spesa militare aumenta sempre di più) e vedere tutti questi #LoveWins nello Stato di polizia con 2 milioni di detenuti e medie di 90 ore di lavoro settimanali, fa venire l’orticaria.

I Have Never Loved You More: the Narrative of the Establishment and the Infatuation of the Left with Obama


“Four More Years”


On May 4, 2009, a few months before Barack Obama won his Nobel Peace Prize, a B-1 supersonic bomber dropped a 2,000 pound missile on the tiny, peasant village of Granai, in Southern Afghanistan. About 140 people, mostly women and children, were torn to shreds and scattered in a range of hundreds of feet.

The Pentagon first tried to cover up what happened. But echoes of the massacre began circulating among the foreign press, and the Army accused the Taliban of having used civilians as shields. The Asian country was soon was inflamed: a caravansary with the bodies of the victims stacked up on carts made its way to Kabul, with thousands of people shouting against the US occupants. The Pentagon then admitted that a few dozens of combatants and a few innocent people were killed. Finally, after a few weeks, almost no one outside of Afghanistan was talking about Granai anymore.

In December, when the Nobel was assigned to Obama, public opinion worldwide reacted with disbelief and scepticism. But the Establishment considered the award “positive”, and so did a number of progressive leaders, European Labour, economist Mohammed Yunus, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the 14th Dalai Lama and even Fidel Castro. The chairman of the Nobel Committee said: “We have not given the prize for what may happen in the future. We are awarding Obama for what he has done in the past year.”

However painful it might be, we should oppose Imperial Order regardless of what Syrians think

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Whenever pro-intervention liberals excoriate me for ignoring what Syrians ask, as long as it furthers my political goals, I say they’re absolutely right. In a certain sense, I am less sympathetic to the Syrian population – especially when it’s the orientalist kind of sympathy – than I am ideologically motivated against USA and the NATO.