How Many “Pastagate” Will People Go Through Before They Realize That Arrogance Is Endemic to Capitalism (And It Is Not Just About Gays)?

Veni Vidi Vomit

WE HAVE MANY REASONS to hate Mr. Guido Barilla: he is a fourth generation billionaire who inherited his fortune from his dad. He lectures at universities. The language he used in the now infamous radio interview was cynical and crude, in particular when he said he respects everybody, including gay couples, as “long as they don’t disturb others”. If you’re familiar with Northern Italian entrepreneurship you are not surprised by this patronising tone disguised as tolerance.

Yet is interesting to see how the collective sentiment seems to tolerate, among the justifiable rights of an industrialist, that of imposing restricting and humiliating rules on almost every aspect of one’s existence, but not to have a reactionary viewpoint on how to portray families in his ads.