Il Partito D’Azionismo Viennese

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La riunione degli alti ranghi del Partito democratico, che sta andando in onda a reti quasi unificate in questi giorni (La7, Rai News, SkyTg24 e ovviamente Facebook in diretta) sembra un test di Rorschach: chi ci vede un alto momento di confronto, chi una resa dei conti. Chi un preludio all’estinzione.

A me questa direzione Pd ricorda piuttosto una performance sullo stile dell’Azionismo viennese anni Settanta. Pensavo ad Hermann Nitsch, in particolare, al suo 45 Aktion che è ancora visibile in una mostra permanente presso un bel museo napoletano. Rispetto agli happening fricchettoni di Allan Kaprow, alla generazione Erasmus denudata per noia da Spencer Tunick  o alle performance pre-New Age di Joseph Beuys, il Wiener Aktionismus è meno noto (e forse anche meno apprezzato) perché, scrive la storica dell’arte Angela Vettese: «incapace di suscitare reazioni nel pubblico, che viene messo in imbarazzo e non si dimostra solidale né protettivo nemmeno quando gli azionisti mettono a repentaglio la propria vita».


Paranoid over Islamist threat, Italy lets Neo-fascism go mainstream

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Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 12.38.01 AM.png

A typical CasaPound poster. From Flickr.

While Italy is making anti-terrorism laws harsher, showing John Kerry the prospect of another military batch in Iraq and hashing out a much controversial cyber-security program, teenagers can still get roughed up, and almost murdered, by free-roaming bands of skinheads in broad daylight. This happens in a country where the Interior Ministry seems to underestimate Neo-fascist violence, and almost brushes off hate groups as some sort of cultural aggregators.

Corporate Feminism is turning rancid

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Being an individual who made millions of dollars but didn’t want to pay for an editor, oh excuse me, unpaid intern with relevant work experience who had to work a fixed number of weekly hours, it’s a big enough reason to be ignored, if not despised, by the Left. But Sheryl Sandberg is also a motivational speaker, author of a book that basically sums up as a regurgitation of the old “You aren’t getting anywhere because you’re lazy”. So, please welcome on the stage of the ever growing family of bourgeois feminism, Ms. Sandberg.

Major italian newspaper angers cartoonists by printing their tribute to Charlie Hebdo without permission

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That’s a pretty big f**k up by the Corriere della Sera.

The Milan-based, leading Italian newspaper (a circulation of about 464,000 copies daily, with an estimated 3,1 million readers) has just printed a collection of cartoons originally posted on Facebook in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. The instant book, unimaginatively titled “Je Suis Charlie” was sold together with the Corriere at a cover price 4,90 euros, with all the proceeds apparently destined for the families of the victims of the vicious attack. Problem is, nobody asked the authors permission for printing their work.

(Leo Ortolani / Facebook)

Wanky Classism: Behind VICE’s Thug-Bashing Narrative

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Hipsters of the world, unite!

A spectre is haunting VICE – the spectre of the working class.

After thrashing England’s “Young Douchebags” and debunking the American Bro, the popular mag has recently expanded its reach into the international realm: “Essi Vivono!” (“They Live!”) titles the Italian leg of the thug-bashing tour.

Walmart: l’elemosina dei padroni

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Walmart, il primo datore di lavoro privato del pianeta (2 milioni di dipendenti), la più grande catena di negozi (8500) del mondo, la seconda corporation per capitalizzazione (468 miliardi di dollari), in occasione del Ringraziamento ha avuto una brillante idea : organizzare una colletta di cibo tra i dipendenti per aiutare quei colleghi che non ce la fanno ad arrivare a fine mese.

Am I the Only One Who Finds the “I Quit” Video Sad and Depressing?

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Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The Harvesters (1565). The peasants enjoying the good life in the sunny scene are only on a lunch break. Another shift is already hard at work in the fields.

AS MANY OTHER VIDEOS gone viral on Youtube, this liberating, mildly choreographic effort to say “goodbye” to a despotic boss made me release more depressant toxins that it apparently did to other million viewers.

How Many “Pastagate” Will People Go Through Before They Realize That Arrogance Is Endemic to Capitalism (And It Is Not Just About Gays)?

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WE HAVE MANY REASONS to hate Mr. Guido Barilla: he is a fourth generation billionaire who inherited his fortune from his dad. He lectures at universities. The language he used in the now infamous radio interview was cynical and crude, in particular when he said he respects everybody, including gay couples, as “long as they don’t disturb others”. If you’re familiar with Northern Italian entrepreneurship you are not surprised by this patronising tone disguised as tolerance.

Yet is interesting to see how the collective sentiment seems to tolerate, among the justifiable rights of an industrialist, that of imposing restricting and humiliating rules on almost every aspect of one’s existence, but not to have a reactionary viewpoint on how to portray families in his ads.