A Note from the Cook

My name is Paolo Mossetti and I write mostly on politics, culinary industry and radical travelling.

I was born and raised in Napoli, Southern Italy, which peculiar lifestyle has inspired much of my work.

At eighteen I moved to Milan, where I took a BsC and a MSc in Economics of Arts and Publishing. During those years I joined several underground literary projects and co-founded the guerrilla street-art group Il Richiamo (‘The Call’), which was engaged in anti-mafia activism.

Between 2007 and 2009 I documented extensively on the Santa Muerte devotion in Mexico, the anthropology of Mafia and the pop-folk scene across the Mediterranean.

I also worked as a Marketing and Foreign Rights assistant for several publishers, such as Zed Books (London) and Berghahn Books (New York).

I currently live in South Bronx, trying to build a radical library and keep writing.

My work appeared on Rolling StoneVice, Through EuropeDomus and other magazines.



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