Clinton: I’m the person who can stop Trump! America: Thanks, but we got this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.53.07 AM.png“Only one thing could have stopped our movement – if our adversaries had understood its principle and from the first day smashed with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.”

-Adolph Hitler

As you probably already know, on Friday night hundreds of protesters, who were mostly Sanders supporters and Black Lives Matter activists, invaded Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago while thousands more marched outside, leading the GOP candidate to abruptly cancel the event due to safety concerns.

For the first time in decades during a Primary event, there were clashes with police involving not just students or hard-left militants (remember 1968?), but the supporters of two mainstream presidential candidate. Tell me about Bipartisan Consensus.

And it set a precedent. One day before Donald Trump’s expected rally in Doral, Florida, the Miami Herald reporter:

[T]he campaign announced that the event was ‘postponed’. This cancellation comes after nearly 3,000 people had shown their support to several Facebook events organizing protests, inspired by the recent cancellation of his events in other cities including Chicago and Jacksonville.

I read a report earlier today that the rally was canceled because Palin had to fly home to tend to her injured husband. She showed at a later event. Not too concerned about Todd apparently. Meanwhile, in Arizona, a FB event set up to protest the entrepreneur had gathered thousands.

Sanders supporters have long been accused of being mostly ageing White utopians playing the tool for a Trump victory (“If you are mean to Hillary, he will win”, was the refrain). But on Friday night something epochal did in fact happen, and it broke this bogus narrative into a million pieces.

Corey Robin commented:

If this is really becoming a thing, we’re going to look back on those Chicago protesters as the real, long-term agents of a major realignment

This truly deserves to be taught in schools: how an organizing effort caused significant shifts in how others responded to Trumpism, and how activists played a crucial role in emboldening the rest of the country to speak up.
For all the liberals who are already blaming protestors for “helping” Trump claiming self-defense — well, Fascism is like cancer, isn’t it? If you if you pretend it isn’t there, it won’t be!

As Rachel Kranz  pointed out:

Do you really think that having these rallies continue with no protest helps to defeat Fascism or racism? Does it not send the message that the people of color and others who have been demonized by these rallies are powerless, in hiding, or apathetic–that no one cares enough to say no? [Trump] is–inadvertently, but powerfully–building a movement. A movement that someone has to publicly oppose, or it begins to look normal and acceptable.

To say that the protests will help Trump in the primaries is to assume that Trump is not going to win the primaries. Which is ridiculous: Trump is already the candidate, and we should get used to it. What the protesters showed is that Trump can be shut down, he can be forced to cut and run, which is precisely what he just did.

(Note: the title is from Joshua Bregman)


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