Trump is many things, but un-American isn’t one of them.


rump fails to fade: 27% in latest USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll, vs. 17% for Cruz and 16% for Rubio. No gains for Trump since last two polls, but it may be too early to see whether his especially hateful rants of the last few days have boosted his standing. And, in a chilling sign for Republicans, 68% of Trump’s supporters say they would vote for the blustery billionaire businessman if he ran as an independent.

I am still undecided whether this is a good or a bad thing. The good thing is that it may lead to a breakup of the Republican party into a fascist wing nut and a regular capitalist faction. This may open the door for a reform of our antiquated electoral system. The bad thing is that scaremongering politics may lead to unforeseen consequences of fascist power grab, as seen for example in the 1930 Germany or this month’s regional election in France. For a long time I thought that this would not happen in the US, but the public reaction to the so-called “refugee crisis” makes me think twice.

Trump is many things: nakedly prejudiced, proto-fascist, and racist. But un-American isn’t one of them. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, a majority — 56 percent — of Americans say Islamic values are at odds with their way of life. Among people who identify as Christian or Republican, the number is even higher — 76 percent of Republicans say Islam is at odds with America, while over 60 percent of white evangelical Protestants, white mainline Protestants, and Catholics say the same. Even among Democrats, only 52 percent disagreed that Islam was incompatible with American values. Bigotry and xenophobia are as American as apple pie. Muslims are to Trump as the “Chinamen” were to President Chester Arthur – signer of Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882. Trump himself invoked FDR’s internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II to defend his press release.

As writer Teju Cole has put it, although no White House candidate has ever been so blatantly Islamophobic as Trump is, “he didn’t murder thousands of innocent people with drones in Pakistan and Yemen. Trump didn’t kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people with bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trump didn’t torture people at Bagram, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, or the numerous black sites across the planet. Trump’s weapons aren’t incinerating Yemen now, and didn’t blow up Gaza last year.” On the idea of “closing that Internet up” as a way to fight ISIS, Hillary Clinton said incredibly similar things just a few days before. In other words, we should stop thinking Trump isn’t real, that he’s just a freak in the history of an otherwise healthy and tolerant society.

And still, I’m more and more convinced that, even though Trump is 100% real – a genuine product of the Bipartisan Consensus in America – dude has no chance of winning. The reason is that he’s working perfectly for the Clinton Team. Something to keep in mind is that Bill Clinton and Trump chatted before Trump launched his campaign. Something to keep in mind is that Bill encouraged him.

Funnily enough, I am one who usually rails against conspiracy theories. And yet, the beautiful thing about this theory is that you don’t have to imagine any conspiracy. All you have to imagine is that Clinton knew that if he planted the seed of interest, Trump’s ego would take care of the rest. My guess is that Bill, who is a political genius, could have been playing Trump. Bill knew that the egomaniac couldn’t resist flattery by a former president.

From the article:

“At Trump’s 2005 wedding, Hillary Clinton sat in the front row for the ceremony, and Bill Clinton joined her for festivities later. The Clintons were photographed laughing chummily with Trump and new wife Melania Knauss at the reception, with Bill Clinton clasping Trump’s shoulder. Trump has also donated to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaigns and to the Clinton Foundation.”

Am I suggesting that Trump is one big false flag operation deployed by the Democrats? No. I doubt it’s intentional. Trump may have been a Democrat during the Clinton years, but he has moved decidedly toward the right since then. I don’t think he’s doing this to ensure a Hillary victory. And, honestly, I don’t think he’d agree to play the moron on the world stage like this, for a year and a half.

What I am suggesting is that Bill encouraged the egomaniac Trump knowing he’d fuck up the GOP. Trump isn’t in on it. Never forget these folks (diverse members of the One Percent) live in a different reality from the rest of us. Sometimes it’s easy to understand the connections between them, a lot of the time it’s not.

Beside the point, look at the recent past. Everyone in Europe thought Obama had come from nowhere in 2008, like a great maverick. But in fact Harry Reid and the Dem leadership urged him to run.

Why? Because they were terrified that Hillary would be a disaster.


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