On the NY subway political ads are “inappropriate”. Zionist ads, fake boobs and Nazi eagles aren’t

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority has ripped down ads calling for $15 minimum wage, and advertisements referring to the menstrual cycle, deeming it either too “political” or “inappropriate”. But thank God we’ve got Nazi insignia to cheer us up on our way to work: 42nd Street subway shuttle cars were in fact wrapped with symbols from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan this morning.


(courtesy Ann Toback)


It’s just a teaser for a forthcoming Amazon TV series, The Man in the High Castle, in which the Axis Powers were victorious. Whatever works for marketing it’s clearly seen as appropriate by MTA, never mind if commuting in Times Square is already a soul-crushing experience. Funnily enough, while some ads on the subway were stopped for being “of a political nature”, we’ve seen blatantly hateful Islamophobic propaganda; we’ve seen towering, black-and-white images of women in their underwear; we’ve seen breast augmentation ads and metaphors galore. So I decided to make a quite review of what’s been allowed on the train and what not.





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