Veni Vidi Vomit

This Kid’s Tears Are a Wholesome Dismissal of National Rethoric

Let’s forget for a second the cruel memes on the “slum children” evicted for nothing. Let’s forget the radical opposition to the FIFA circus, outside the stadia. Yes, the World Cup crowd as seen on tv was truly the “1%” sitting in the bleachers. Mostly white, wealthy and idiotic.

But this photo. This is not just the “1%” child’s weeping.

This is a healthy, timely blow to the patriotic ideology instigated by the economic mantra of “Ordem et Progresso” (as imprinted on the Brazilian banner).

Most certainly, it was impossible to root for the Deutsche Goliath, but we should all cheer when the “hosts nations” and the mythology of the flag are thrashed – always.

And it was not Fantasy vs. Technique at stake here – as some nostalgic of “magic” latino literature wrote -, but rather Developing Nationalism vs. Workaholic Atheism. Neither of them are satisfactory options for truly autonomous minds. Indeed, Brazilians players later apologized to God as they had been humiliated, while the Germans waved their arms in the air for a second, finished their mineral water and were back at their desks at 8.00 sharp the morning after.

The latter had already killed their Redeemer Christ, replacing it with inhuman corporate religiosity.


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